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tips on to save the money

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Hi guys

a lot of people ask the same question and a good one,

How do I save money On a daily basis ?

Where should I buy my

house cleaning products ?

AMAZON WALMART Or EBAY And that's a tough one to be honest.

What I did

I decided I'm going to compare and see who is better priced,

On basic daily house products weekly products ,

Who is better priced on the shipping pricing

on delivery pricing,

And I came to this conclusion 

But Before I give you my conclusion,

I want you to take a look for yourself to make your own conclusion.

Now let me show you the first comparison laundry detergent.


Now let me show you another comparison is the famous Mr. clean 1 gallon


Now after you see this items for yourself 

let me just mention a couple of things.

First about the shipping price Amazon has a prime free shipping

and a minimum of at least $25

Walmart on the other hand has a $35 free shipping 

eBay in the most cases is totally free shipping.

But here is the difference 

at Walmart ,you don't have to be a member

to receive $35 free shipping

versus Amazon do you have to be

a member Prime member.

So to conclude:

Walmart is better priced,

You don't have to sign up as a member,

And it's great customer service.

So I personally buy on Walmart.

But it's only my conclusion if you have any other conclusion

please definitely let me know 

I'll look into it and share your thoughts with others.

Thank you so much and before I let you go,

another one important thing,

Wherever you buy what I use before I buy on eBay Amazon Walmart IKEA etc.


Ebates is basically like an affiliate what gives you extra percentage for every purchase,

And that's a free nothing hidden no gimmicks

And I actually personally saved on it.

Have a look for yourself don't just believe.

Thanks and I really appreciate it waiting to hear from you.

elisia & herman


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